A place to love, smile, have fun, dance, sing.

Jeri is a village that surprises us beyond its beauty. It is stimulating, charming. In their sandy streets the languages of all parts of the world mingle, dialogue. Jeri is kite surfing, Jeri is wind surfing. Jeri is SUP. Yoga. Pilates. Capoeira. Zumba.
Jeri is also night. There are forró in the moonlight, xote drags foot so as not to let anyone stand under the glow of the stars. Jeri is also samba, root samba. It has live music, charming hotels, cool bars, fantastic restaurants. Jeri is down to earth. With no streetlights to keep the moonlight and starlight from dazzling, tourists roam its sandy streets without any visual interference, it has a laid back touch.