Jeri is famous not only for its natural beauty. The charming village has many bars and restaurants as well as excellent programs to enjoy. Below is a selection from our curators to make your stay even more special:

1) Tasting Menu at Essenza Hotel Under the light of moonlight and stars, Essenza Hotel promotes on its lawn a tasting menu of 5 or 7 experiences (R$ 150 and R$ 190 - respectively). The "blind" menu, ie the Chef prepares the dishes based on one's personal tastes and restrictions. As the menu is available only with a limited number of participants, you must reserve before 17:00 hours of the chosen dinner day. Unmissable! Location: on the beach of Essenza Hotel

2) Na Casa Dela Jeri's face, this restaurant is a magical world. Filled with enchanting crafts, the restaurant offers regional dishes such as paçoca de sol carne with milk rice and pumpkin puree, red-hot fish and much more. Open for dinner only and is closed on Saturdays.
Location: Main road (about 300m from the beach)

3) Naturalmente Jeri At the edge of the beach there is the best crepe in the world! The dishes are also wonderful. If you like acai, you can not fail to taste. Location: Main Beach (next to My Blue Hotel)

4) Feijoada Saturday at Blue Residence Hotel In the most beautiful view of the Sunset Dune happens, on Saturdays, the feijoada of the Blue Residence Hotel. Root samba, cold beer and Jeri beach are the appetizer of the place! In addition to the feijoada, the a la carte menu offers many options.
Location: Main Beach (next to Essenza Hotel)

5) Fredyssimo The snack is quite unusual. Tiny the 6-table restaurant offers a mix of mouth-watering entrees. The dishes also surprise. Just dinner. Location: Alley of Peixaria Brasil (also known as Alley of Coffee Brazil)

6) Tarantella Typical Neapolitan canteen, the restaurant offers Italian pasta. Very economical and with meat and red-hot fish can be an option for lunch.
Location: Main Street (Uphill Parking, Near Pharmacy)

7) EAT on the Street! Burger Track-food: Huge and tasty EAT hamburger that represents Jeri's “wave”. Undoubtedly for lovers, it is a good choice. Location: Beco Doce

8) Serafim Super cozy, the restaurant has delicately prepared dishes. The restaurant is new: extremely pleasant service and food. The chef Mel, took cooking courses in Peru, guaranteed the best Jeri Ceviche !! Location: Alley of MyBlue Hotel.

Of course this is only a small part of what Jeri presents. There is so much to see in the streets and sand alleys. Friday night takes place the Samba da Benção. Held on Rua da Igreja, at Pousada Solar da Malhada, the night guarantees very good music under the frond of a beautiful tree. Special energy! Very Jeri. Saturday has the classic Dona Amelia Forro, in Rua do Forró.

From the outskirts of our nature, the east side dune-buggy ride (which includes Paradise Lagoon, Sloth tree) can get even more interesting if you stretch and head to Barrinha - the fisherman's beach, many say it's Jeri de 30 years ago there is a cozy restaurant called Komaki that impresses with fresh lobster and octopus, the best in the region. In Lagoa do Paraíso, the most beautiful spot today is Alchimyst, the tip is to arrive early.

The west coast, known side of the Tatajuba Lagoon, is the route that includes Mangue Seco and the petrified dunes (breathtaking landscape). A good option for the more adventurous is to enjoy quad biking!

Enjoy Jeri!